TPE: Thermal Pest Eradication Treatment

Pest Heat: San Diego's Termites Are Gonna Feel The Burn

You've got Termites. Or, maybe you think you have termites. You need to eradicate those wood-munching annoyances before extreme structural damage is caused to your home. What's more, you want to be sure they are gone after the first treatment; you want to save time, money, and worry.

Kennedy's exceptional Heat Treatment service that we offer will put your mind at ease from any pests. With impressive results, and a quality 1 year assurance on the service, you're invited to reach out to our office team and learn more!

Why? Here are the facts. Termites can live up to 10 years in your home without being seen. Chemical treatments can never be 100% effective because it is a contact only treatment. Meaning those pesky swarms hiding in an overlooked crack could survive. However, Termites cannot survive temperatures above 130 degrees. So, when we come raise the temperature of your home to 140 degrees using well maintained, precision heaters, every termite in the house will expire within 6 minutes. We like to keep the heat on for 1.5 hours. Call it overkill if you want; we call it effective. There are no chemicals, no residue, and, after treatment, no Termites.

Whether you need residential or commercial treatment, our Pest Heat system can effectively address your Termite problems in one treatment. You won't need to move out for 2 weeks. You won't have to worry about your pets getting into something deadly. You won't have Termites after we're done.

Isn't that worth a phone call?


  • Safe & convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile
  • Chemical-free
  • 100% effective
  • Two-year warranty
  • One-day process
  • Great for escrows
  • No overnight move out
  • No harm to people, pets, or plants
  • No bagging of foods or medicines
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 What is TPE Heat?

TPE Heat is a specialized treatment to kill insect pests. Temperatures used in this process are surprisingly low. The heat is provided by special propane heaters that are very clean burning and produce a large volume of hot air. As little as 120°F held for ½ hour will kill all life cycles of Drywood Termites. This temperature must be obtained in the core of the wood where the termites live. To accomplish this, air temperatures inside rooms are raised between 140°F and 160°F. This is similar to the temperature inside a car on a hot summer day, or in a sauna. These temperatures are usually held for 4 to 6 hours to allow the heat to penetrate through the walls and into the wood framing. To determine when lethal temperatures have been obtained, small thermal copper wires are inserted into the most difficult to heat wood members around the infestation. These wires lead to digital thermometers, which display the temperature inside the wall. To contain the heat, tarps are suspended from the eaves to the ground outside the treatment area. In the interior, special thermal curtains may be erected to partition the treatment area from the rest of the room. In some situations an entire room or rooms may be heated. In fact, the entire house can be enclosed and treated when necessary.