American Roach Control

American roachAmerican cockroaches also called the water bugs are the biggest species of common cockroach measuring an average of 4 cm in length. American Roach originated in Africa and not endemic in America despite their name suggest. It was introduced to America in 1625 and because of global shipping, American cockroaches were transported to other parts of the world including Canary Islands, Greece, Taiwan, Azores, Southern United States, South Spain, Cyprus, and South Africa.

American cockroaches prefer warm temperatures and moist places. They feed on variety of food, decaying organic matter as well as fermenting foods including: bakery products, cheese, books, soiled clothing, dead animals etc. They have 3 developmental stages: after 6-8 weeks an egg will hatch into a nymph and about 6-12 months to develop into an adult cockroach which has a life span of about a year. Nymphs look like adults but they’re wingless. American Cockroaches are also considered one of the fastest running insects. They have 2 compound eyes having more than 2000 individual lenses each.

American Cockroach produces odorous secretions that can affect the flavor of the food. Cockroaches can also cause several kinds of diseases and food poisoning. There are at least 22 species of pathogenic viruses, protozoans, fungi, and bacteria have been found in American cockroaches. There are also 5 species of helminthic worms. Their feces and body parts can trigger asthma and allergic reactions to some people when inhaled.

Unlike other cockroaches, American Cockroaches develop slowly that’s why large infestations within homes are not common. Cleaning the house and spraying insecticides to cracks, crevices, kitchen, and other moist areas of the house can help eliminate the infestation. Using pellet baits are also effective in eliminating American cockroaches.