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With its mild summers and all-around sunny climate, Chula Vista may not seem like a popular breeding ground for pests, but make no mistake: you can find plenty of them here, and they won't mind entering your home or business should they get a chance. Kennedy Pest Control has been serving this area since 1986, and we're so good at what we do that we back our results with a satisfaction guarantee.


Common spiders in the area include wolf spiders, orb weavers, and the dreaded black widow. The first are grayish-brown and have a bar pattern on their abdomen; the second are reddish-brown, hairy, and make distinct wheel-shaped webs; and the third may or may not have the infamous red hourglass, so don't always go by that feature when trying to identify them.

All three can bite, leaving you with itchy, swollen, and numb skin, but the black widow will inject you with a fatal poison. All three spread quickly, laying as much as 100 eggs at one time. You may be able to keep them at bay using citrus, peppermint, and vinegar sprays, but our company will remove them altogether, using insecticides when necessary. It's important to remember, though, that some spiders are beneficial in that they'll eat your indoor pests.


Rats and mice are often in search of a warm place to feed and breed, and if your property has a crack in the exterior or a hole in the roof big enough for them to squeeze through, you can be sure they won't hesitate. They give themselves away by scuttling around at night, leaving behind urine stains with a strong ammonia smell, and excreting pellet-like droppings. They'll also tear away at soft materials to build their nests with; that can include everything from cardboard to the fiberglass insulation in your attic. While mice generally stay put in one area, rats will venture out, burrowing their way into your kitchen or laundry area.

If they touch your food, consider it contaminated. Rodents may look cute and harmless, but they're notorious for carrying bacteria like salmonella and viruses like hantavirus. The fleas they carry can, in turn, be carrying plague. Our team will seal up all entry points and proceed to exterminate these pests using traps.


As their name suggests, these are fish-like insects with a silvery or brown color, and they invade properties where there's high humidity. You might occasionally see them crawling up your walls; they're technically harmless, but they will cause structural damage, as they like to chew through paper, wood, and clothing. Sugary and starchy foods will attract them, and they can contaminate any food they come in contact with. They're repelled by the scent of citrus and cinnamon.

If you see one, you can be sure that more are around. Silverfish can go for a month without food, so they can build their nests and grow without your seeing them. There are DIY methods for keeping them away, such as running a dehumidifier and spraying insecticide, but you'll want us for professional service.

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