Indian Meal Moth Control

IndianMealMoth 250x250The Indian Meal Moths are also called the meal worm moth. They’re one of the most common food pest found in homes. Like butterflies, Indian Meal Moths goes through metamorphosis, from egg, they develop into larvae, then cocoon or pupae before they become flying moths. The whole life cycle can be completed within 40-55 days.

A female Indian Meal Moths can lay 100-300 eggs. The eggs can hatch in 2-14 days depending on the condition of the environment. After hatching, the caterpillar begins spinning silk threads and feed for about 2 weeks before becoming a full grown moth.

This kind of pest can cause serious damage to grains and/or milled foods like pasta, spices, flour, cereals, cornmeal, bird seeds, fruits, and even to dried foods. Indian Meal Moths can also affect wall decorations containing beans.

Indian Meal Moths are most of the time confused with Webbing Clothes Moth which is a fabric pest. These insects fly towards the light (phototropic) and are more active at night.

Indian Meal Moths can affect homes by infected food products brought inside the house.

You probably want to know the effect of ingesting food with Indian Meal larvae to people, well, as long as these pests didn’t contact disease containing surfaces they will not transmit diseases.

In order to stop the spread of Indian Meal Moths, we should remove all the affected foods, check all the areas in the house with food products, move appliances to make sure there’s no food hidden underneath, vacuum the whole place and apply residual insecticide to the area to make sure all the eggs and larvae are dead. To check if the insect still exists in your area, you may also want to use pheromone traps, a sticky diamond shaped trap that lure male moths.

You may also try room fogger products that can kill a large number of moths but the problem with this method is that you’ll not be able to kill the eggs that can hatch and grow later.

Another method you may try is the IGR or insect growth regulator, some products like Gentrol IGR Concentrate can actually affect larval stage as well as the full grown Indian Meal Moths. Gentrol IGR Concentrate can be applied to the surface of affected areas as well as on cracks. The advantages of using this product are that it has very low toxicity to human and other mammals because of its active ingredient hydroprene and it remains active for several weeks.

In order to be safe and make sure you won’t go wrong, you may also want to call professional exterminators to do the job for you.