Orb Weaver Control

Orb WeaverOrb Weavers or Garden Orb Weavers are grey or reddish-brown spiders with 8 eyes and hairy legs. They have triangular abdomens with white or brown edged dorsal stripes and 2 humps towards the front. They don’t have stridulating organs.

Orb Weavers make large, sticky spiral wheel-shaped webs. The Orb Weavers rest at the center of the web waiting for insects to fly into the web and instantly rush to the victim and wrap it with silk. After securing the insect, the spider will bite it, let the deadly venom do its job and eat it. Flies, bugs, mosquitoes, beetles and cicadas are some of their most common prey.

Their sizes are usually around 2-3 cm for females and 1.5-2 cm for males. They are commonly found in Australia. The female Orb Weaver can live up to 12 months. Females lay a large egg sac in the fall, wrap it in thick silk. The mother Orb Weaver die when the first frost arrives leaving her babies to hatch in spring. An egg sac can contain hundreds of eggs. Male Orb Weavers spend most of their life looking for a mate and after mating, they become their partner’s meal.

Orb Weavers are not dangerous to humans and pets, being bitten are not common unless you try to pick them up. Orb Weaver’s bite is similar to bee sting causing numbness, mild pain and swelling.

Orb Weavers’ predators are mostly birds like honeyeaters.