Rice Weeveil Control

RiceWeevil 250x250Rice weevils also known as flour bugs are serious stored product pests that attack crops like rice, flour, cornmeal, wheat as well as maize. Rice weevils are insects that have long snouts, adults are usually 2mm long with brown or black body color and have 4 orange/red spots on their wing covers. There are several types of weevils which include: granary/grain weevils, seed weevils, maize weevils, and bean/pea weevils. Rice weevils are sometimes confused with maize weevils but they have different features.

The female rice weevil can lay 2 to 6 eggs per day and as many as 300 eggs over their lifetime. Females chew a hole into a grain and deposit an egg in it before sealing the hole with secretions from their ovipositor. It will then develop and feed on the grain and come out after 2 to 4 days.

Adult rice weevils gather and reproduce in stored grains that produce heat and moisture which will then develop molds.

Rice weevils don’t bite pets or humans; they don’t spread diseases or damage furniture. They are medically harmless.

Rice weevils can be controlled by removing the infected food and freeze them for 3 days at a temperature below -17.7 °c o r by heating them for 15 minutes in 60 °c or 140 °F.