Silverfish Control

Silverfish 250x250Silverfish is also known as fishmoth, paramite, or carpet shark is a wingless nocturnal insect with long antennae, and moves in a wiggling motion that is similar to the movement of a fish. Silverfish is a fast moving insect that hates the smell of citrus.

Silverfish is commonly 13 to 25 mm in length with fish-like appearance. They have 2 compound eyes with silver to brown body color. They are soft-bodied insect covered with shiny scales. The have long antennae, long and flattened bodies with stomachs taper at the end.

Silverfish are general feeders, however, prefers to eat carbohydrates including flour, oats, dried meat, starches, sugar and even glue. They are chewing insects that can be very destructive in vast populations because they also feed on wood, paper, clothes, and almost anything inside the house.

These insects can live for 2-8 years and survive for more than a year without food. They prefer to stay in moist places and can be found in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, America, and some parts of the Pacific. They usually dwell in basements and attics.

Silverfish needs high humidity between 75% and 95% to survive. Female Silverfish lay around 60 oval-shaped eggs which take about 2 weeks to 2 months to hatch. Newly hatched Silverfish or nymphs are whitish but when they mature their color turn into greyish hue with metallic shine.

Silverfish may go through 17-66 molts during their lifetime. They can even molt 30 times in a year. Silverfish continue to molt even after reaching adulthood unlike other insects.

Silverfish is an annoying pest inside the house and buildings. Like cockroaches, Silverfish can damage paper goods, contaminate food and stain clothes but they are considered medically harmless.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish Infestations

People who experienced having Silverfish infestation commonly spot them in their laundry rooms, bookcase shelves, bathtubs, sinks, basements, holes or yellow stains in their wallpapers, siding of homes, underneath tree bark, birds or other insect’s nests. So, start checking those spots first.

  • Dehumidifiers can help eliminate pest like Silverfish because the absence of moisture in the air discourages insects to stay inside the house.
  • Make sure food are sealed and fix all the leaky pipes.
  • Vacuum the area especially the cracks, mopboards or skirting and trims using narrow vacuum head.
  • Buy traps and spray insecticide, Silverfish are vulnerable to several insecticide products in the market today.
  • Cinnamon can also repel Silverfish from specified areas but it doesn’t kill the insects and their eggs.
  • Hiring fest control professionals is still the best decision for large infestations because they can make tailored approach fit for your situation.